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Obama’s Star


Obama’s Star

Spiritual Series
Nov 2008 – Feb 2009

In the Chinese language the word “crisis” translates both as danger and as opportunity. This is clearly the situation the world is facing today.
Americans have the feeling that America is the world and never has that been closer to becoming true.
After eight years of political tension, the world is now focused on a different crisis. After tension there is now a very high worldwide expectation for Obama’s presidency. For the first time in several countries the election campaign was followed daily by national televisions. People understood what was at stake. On one side more of the same, delivered by an old man, who confessed knowing nothing about economics, and on the other side, change and a hope of fairness for all.
Appropriately, the President of Brazil said this in early in February :“The world cannot elect anymore presidents that do not listen to social movements, that do not listen to the people”. And the reach of Obama’s star could also be felt in January in France when the workers striking chanted “Yes we can” down the streets of Paris. Another puzzling effect is that the word O-ba-ma in the Persian language of Iran means “he is with us.”
The challenge that is facing Obama seems to be an economical one, hence his actions to remedy the situation. However with time it is probably going to become a social crisis, which will become a political crisis worldwide and, in the end will reveal itself as a crisis of the model of society we created for this planet, that is, a change of paradigm in civilization. It is obviously too early to address that core point. Policies will have to fail and frustration increase.
The huge cloud of “derivatives,” some $500 trillion, moving in the ethers between Dubai and Tokyo and having very little relation to real assets, cannot be assuaged by a few billion dollars handouts to banks. There was too much greed and lack of competence and foresight to be erased with such short term goodwill.

The crisis is systemic and the solution cannot be found within the system. Part of the crisis of the system is the increasing worldwide disillusion with politicians, economists, managers, and bankers.
Americans have had the tendency to see their leaders in messianic terms. Even though it is premature to say that with certainty, Obama seems to be destined to be the messianic figure by excellence. He is now the rallying point for the aspirations of people of all classes in all continents. He could become “the imam,” the spiritual and political leader.
Even though his arrival to the White House could almost be seen as the opposite. For we finally have a human in that position, a person like us. A being who is compassionate, loving and yet efficient, dedicated to take action to solve problems. A non ideological man who is not just a technocrat, a pragmatic manager. For he is imbued with a vision. He has a dream.
Speaking with a spiritual European astrologer recently about Obama she told me the following:

1. He does not have personal planets in the chart, meaning that he does not come to project his ego but comes in service, guided by a mission. He projects himself in the group, the government, the people, and the nation. He comes for group action.

2. The present polarity with the past is so strong that the situation is irreversible. Americans, which are not used to having to think, are going to have the alternative to think and decide consciously.

3. His project is very luminous; he is a light in the world, a man of good will, transparent.

4. But it is going to be very difficult; he may be a transitional government. Why?

5. Because he has Pluto in Capricorn in the Eight house, of karma and memory. Could it be the weight and memory of the previous regime? He seems to be tied by that. A counterweight. But, fortunately, that Pluto does not have bad aspects. It is rather a stuck energy, dark, heavy, difficult to move.
With time and the worsening of the situation, Obama will start realizing that material solutions cannot solve a crisis that is fundamentally spiritual, that there are too many causes, actors, factors, and vectors involved to be addressed by one-dimensional policies. To be able to comprehend both the multifarious nature of the crisis and the simplicity of its solution, he will have to open himself to guidance. He will have to realize that his intelligence, dedication, honesty and hard work, will not suffice. He will have to find a higher form of inner surrender. He will have to refine his relation with God.
Even though he likes action and problem solving and he is naturally at ease in teamwork, he needs a higher container, to know that he is not alone. He is clearly a person who listens. But more than listening to the people and to his advisers, he needs to open to new revelations. In this time of crisis, they will probably come from uncommon and unexpected sources.
As always in universal human history and as Euripides, a Greek playwright wrote twenty-five centuries ago, “ the expected does not come and for the unexpected a god opens the door.”
As the perfect conciliation between science and religion cannot be found, that door will have to be something never seen before or perhaps something very simple and age-old perfect.