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Human Paradoxes


Human Paradoxes Joao Motta
Personal Series

1. People ask me why I don’t sign my works of art or my writings.
An obvious and true answer would be because I forget or I don’t think of it.
Yet others remember that when I published my book, The Territory and the Map , the last page mentioned that the book did not have any copyright and that anybody could make copies of it, making mention or not of the name of the author.
Did I invent the words or the colors?
Or…(here begins the paradox)…did I write all the books on this planet?
Can I dare say that I am channeling this so-called planet?
I see myself and any other human as a paradox.
On one hand, after due research (which has to give credit to humility and intelligence), I came to the conclusions that the human is a program (in fact a rather binary one) and that the so much admired personality is but a sub-program of the physical body.
Once one accepts that one is a program, life starts to simplify and you start observing that the other humans are also their own program with many features in common with yours and you start to appreciate diversity from a new angle.
On the other hand, after a few experiences in your life you start realizing that you are more than the sum of your body , your emotions and your thinkings. You start positing the hypothesis that you might be a spirit incarnated, using the physical , emotional and mental bodies as a vehicle to experience. Once you open to that possible larger identity, you start having experiences that prove to you the truth that you are more than what you think. Might you be a god that has forgotten its true nature in its journey to and through this Earth? a forgotten god, a fallen god?
Then you see that we are not a human paradox, that we are of a (at least ) dual nature.
You start seeing, if you exert due diligence in your observation, that your experience is you, that whatever you see is a part of you, both the people you admire, like the Hollywood actors, the politicians, the religious ministers and the scientists ( all with all their galaxies of problems) and those people you despise, reject and not want to face.
It is true, you need both intelligence and humility to accept this path of scientific investigation about the nature of reality. That combination may sound like another paradox but it is not. To be truly intelligent you have to be humble, otherwise you will not be open to new knowledge and to unexpected wisdom.

2. Once a spiritual teacher asked me “ wouldn’t you just be a nameless particle in the void rather than a charicature of a biography?”.
That stroke a chord within me. Indeed it is ridiculous the way we get identity through our past achievements rather than being open to a new personality. Which shows the lack of trust in the unknown that characterizes us.
So, to clarify this question, I would say that as we are all one and as ideas are in the air and do not belong to anyone, I am not very concerned -at least at this stage of my being an unknown person-with particular issues of authorship. In my Magical Gardens I use all types of objects that were made by others. We just add our little bit of effort and genius to the long chain of creativity. It could even be said that it is the divine working through us that facilitates all our productions.

3. Besides, having been in different spiritual groups who give names to their adherents, I have different names to which I relate. With which one would I sign?
I tried ( and still use) different names for the writer, the artist of the Magical Gardens and for the actor/dancer.
But in the end I do not feel that any known name encompasses all the energies who I am, I did not yet feel any name that would resonate within my heart, any name that would draw the best out of me.
Having in mind that in order to achieve a coherent personality to interact within society, a personal name is the hallmark ,is its synthesis, I would then say that ,as a human paradox , I am neither a coherent, finished personality, nor I am yet beyond a certain identification with my vehicles. So, until that moment of truth comes I will keep signing my life with different names or not signing at all. The One has many faces, ours is just the button we press.




A mirror is something that gives you identity, meaning, consciousness.

A mirror is everything or everyone that gives you identity, that tells you who you are. Something or someone that gives you meaning, that gives meaning and significance to your life. Something which helps you build your vision of the world. A mirror also gives you consciousness. You become more conscious of who and where you are.

Here on Earth, we live in a world of duality: of opposition and complementarity. We are in an unstable scale, a balance where we compare ourselves to the more and the less. In terms of whom we think we are.

Yet we are not what we think.

And…believe me…

One day, we will see ourselves in the mirror of oneness.

We will see the face of god in the mirror.


Whatever we do is our mirror. The paintings we make, the photos we take, what we write, the films or television we see. It is our friends and even our colleagues and our family.

3D is but our mirror. It is malleable, flexible, workable, in constant flux, never objective.

We are not 3D. We are basically 2D and we project 3D. We project ourselves into 3D. We emit 3D. So that we can see ourselves in a mirror. So that we get to know what we are not, what we do not want to be.

But it can also be said that there are others who use 3D not to see themselves. It is ok.

There are basically three states or species of people.

First there are those who see and know, even though in different degrees. They are found in all walks of life, in all spiritual, religious or philosophical points of view.

Then there are those who are in relative ignorance but are open to expand their understanding of themselves and their views about the nature of reality.

And finally there are those who know they are creating a separate reality where their free will is used to create and maintain a reality separate from oneness, a parallel reality which they do not want to conjoin with the whole. They want to remain separate. They do not recognize oneness.


And then… how can I repeat to people that seeing, dreaming, thinking or feeling is the same?

How can I tell them that the characters in a movie or in a written story are real?

Real for them if they identify with them, if these characters move them, if they make them evolve.

How can I remind people that the brain does not differentiate between what you are dreaming and what you are doing in physical life? Do they know that science found already in 2004 that the mirror neurons do not differentiate between what you do and what you watch others do?

How can I insist that there really is no difference between remembering and seeing, between discovering and remembering, between imagining and creating; that all these are the same?

All of them are frequencies in the brain, basically the same frequencies and the same images in the same areas.

What all these actions or moments really are is points of identity, segments of meaning, regrouping and grounding.

But how can I then tell people that meaning and identity is the same?

By telling them that we use the meaning we give to things to create, build and reinforce our identity. Hence meaning is identity and identity gives or is meaning.

Also, how can I tell people without offending them that all of us humans suffer, in different degrees of an identity deficit? That only the whole, the divine has a real identity in which sooner or later our separations will merge?

People are afraid of losing their precious identity that they conquered with such an effort and difficulty through centuries of Western progress. And they also rightly fear the theft of identity that the virtual world has been preparing for them.

Yet the question is not so much about mortal identities, the roles and characters we play in this 3D movie. The issue is not even about the mission that spiritual groups rightly tell us that each one of us has.

In fact, in a culture where we have accepted transgender and transsexuals, where expatriates, modern nomads or traditional immigrants are common, where we tend to accept that all religions turn to the same one god, the real issue is whether we want to perpetuate our perceived differences and identities (once again, they are the same) or we want to open and expand our identity to encompass a much wider and much more interesting and rewarding view of self.

It could even be said in somewhat simplistic terms that the choice is between the past and the future.

Let those who want to remain in wars, social struggle, environmental degradation and estrangement from the source remain where they are. It is ok. That is their stage of evolution. They are probably doing their best. The best they can identify with in their present mirror of whom they think and feel they are.

But let those of us who are starting to see our truer selves in the mirror embark on a new journey. Shared with as many as possible people of goodwill who are having doubts about the nature of this game. Those people who are secretly longing to return to the source, the father, that origin from which we once left.

The time has come for us to claim our inheritance and receive it while in the physical body. That means recovering our universal memory, our cellular perception and our light bodies. In fact, it is to finally recognize ourselves in the mirror of our cosmic identity.

It will only be then that we will be able to say: I serve.




And then things seemed to be different. Humanity had a choice. The old alliance, the unholy alliance between politicians, managers, scientists and clerics could not hold anymore.

The very universe was imposing change: no more war, poverty, inequalities, exploitation. No more separation or quarantine between the earth and the rest of the conscious universe.

The opiums of the people, those ideas that had been imposed on people as inevitable, as a given, such as progress, development, democracy, were seen for what they were: covers for the perpetuation of the status quo under the disguise of evolution.

What was the content of political democracy if the republic was controlled by the very rich people, their managers, and their politicians?

What was the good of the clerics if the only thing they could deliver were emotions and the sale of some piece of heaven?

What was the good of the politicians if they had no wisdom?

What was the good of science if it had lost sight of the whole?

And above all, what was the meaning of progress if the human soul had been impoverished and slowly brought into the slavery of the senses, the visible and the reign of quantity?

People were awakening to their shared consciousness and to the interconnectedness of the universe. A worldwide mass movement was growing and reaching its critical mass. Nothing could stop it.

The unholy alliance tried to regain control of the momentum by spreading new falsities about the nature of reality, new fears and new imaginary threats. Asteroids and pandemics were supposedly threatening the human race.

But it was too late. The gods were starting to reoccupy their physical bodies. These bodies had been for too long left to the whims of the human personality, dispersed and divided between its emotions and its intellect. The gods were realigning their physical, emotional and mental bodies with their indwelling spirit and their spirit with the one god.

People had been marching and campaigning for the rights of the spirit. Finally the spirit had headed the call and it was becoming manifest in matter.

Oneness was felt in the cells, words were not needed, time had been tamed and seen for the illusion it was.

The humans had become divine and god had again reoccupied their heart. The heart it indeed had never left.