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Time cannot be stopped, mainly in the cities. The vortex has begun spinning and everybody will be thrown to their exact physical location and in the end to their corresponding dimension.

The planet’s crisis cannot be solved by the system, by those in the economic and political worlds who have created it. We are literally in the hands of God.

Let each one assume its role and its mission for the battlefield now is Time.

Humanity will be given two options:


The politicians allied with the scientists will offer a new reality, increasingly virtual, where age will be reversed for the rich, to be promised immortality, people will be cloned at wish, disease will be eradicated and humans will live in a biotronic world where all their needs will be satisfied. It will be a world where physical money will be discontinued. A world without suffering and adventure.

Access to nature will be progressively fading and the spirit will be banished as an irrelevant idea.


The spiritual solution. A life of simplicity and contentment for all. Devoid of the materialistic and consumerist drive that has ruled us in this last cycle. The earth being uplifted to another stage of cooperation, love and integration into the sentient cosmos.

An inner acceptance of the will of God, as the creator of our spirits.

A life where we as gods will be creators, conscious creators of our reality. Thus ceasing to be like animals and to have to prostitute ourselves for a salary.

The economic crisis has already become a social and political crisis. It will become a spiritual crisis, a systemic crisis of the prevailing paradigm. People will really have to choose between two ways of living.

A new culture is available for mankind, a way out has been trodden. Soon it will be announced.



As I am not finding the  way to leave a reply to all the encouraging comments I have received, I thought of writing a short text on these three characters of mine.

I felt happy with the comments and since this is my first direct and recent venture in these digital worlds, I now feel it is worthwhile to keep writing and I am looking forward to a dialogue with all those who feel an affinity with my expressions.

I assume myself as a writer and I recognize my qualities. I am not proud of them because they come easy to me. Being a poet I naturally feel the rythm and the visual of a text. To me words, spoken or written, are very important  and our culture is very dependent on them a  . And – as I believe that our human side is but a program, or rather a bunch of programs we call identity and personality – words are like keys which we use to access others and to re-program ourselves. .

I have many defects, deficiencies, lacks and prejudices. One is not being easily motivated to act. Hence my cultural, and namely my literary production, suffer from what others would call laziness. There are many subjects I could write about and I see the connections between many fields and the patterns which connect them. And it is true that both the writer and the blogger would like to reach many people with the purpose of creating something common.

Truly I do not see myself as completely separate from those who read or see what I do. It is my view that I exist in the minds of others who have created me out of their imagination and I also see people as a part of me, projected outwards into a screen or a mirror we call reality.

When I am speaking with someone who likes what I say I tell them it is them who are speaking through me, otherwise they would not understand or recognise and identify so quickly and easily with my utterings. In a sense we use others to clarify ourselves.And in the end we are always talking with ourselves about ourselves.

When I talk about the ambassador, it is not about my past diplomatic life or rank. It is because I feel I can play that role in the dynamics which I perceive to be evolving out of the present chaos in which mankind finds itself. Even though the roles of ambassador and cultural synthesizer are not the same, they are connected in the sense that an ambassador for a new culture has to be able to synthezise the present or exiting culture and to have a clear view and feeling of the wide encompassing alternatives which the new culture will present as a way out to the present cul de sac.

Many other things could be said, but the main purpose of this post was to thank you all who have enjoyed my other texts and to say I look forward to continuing a creative relationship.

We live in a most exciting period in the history of mankind, truly unique because we might be graduating. As the microcosm and the individual affect the greater whole, every interaction is measured in terms of quality, resonance and repercussions. We are universal and I deeply appreciate your support and encouragement.

As to those who would prefer to interact in other languages like Spanish, feel free to write in that language which I speak fluently. I am now in Portugal, where I arrived two weeks ago,and soon I will have a site in Portuguese. Perhaps another one in Spanish will follow. The Territory and The Map was specially dedicated to the awakening of South and Central America.Reality is not so different from fiction because this reality is subjective. As the Buddha said, this world is neither real nor unreal