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portugal one


Here I have been for three months in Portugal. It is a big difference to be back in Europe, for many reasons.

Things are going fast, because time is being accelerated and nothing can stop the  emerging of the new paradigm. What has just happened in Tunisia and South Sudan is just the beginning of a wave towards truth and transparency.

Everywhere movements are starting who- in their partial ways- present an alternative philosophy and practise. Some day these groups will get together across borders, religions, languages and races to form a worldwide coalition of goodwill.

The implosion of the present paradigm and of the Anglo-Saxon worldview is patent to all. The future is uncertain and chaos is mounting.  We are all undergoing a colective initiation. That means that our most prevalent ways of being, our weaknesses and defects as well as our virtues, are being intensified. So that we really know who we are. At the same time we are being empowered to achieve our dreams and intentions.

The synthesis of the past is proceeding. To see what can be salvaged and transported into the emerging global solidarity and spiritual awakening paradigm.

Exciting times for mankind and for the universe!……