Are ideas, some more developed than others, that we are developing for which we ask for input. This would range from suggestions to practical steps or offers of paid or unpaid work and also to eventual investor’s financing. At this stage we are dealing with four projects:

1. The game of Life, the grand game, manual of instructions for planet Earth: Would be some of the possible names for a game to be played by anyone to evolve from their present character into the new avatar of his or her destiny.

2. The Magical Gardens Kit: Based on the three-dimensional little figures and props of the Magical Gardens, molds would be made to be sold as kits for art arrangements, art educational tools and art therapy.

3. World Values Poll: We would ask the world what we collectively want. My idea would be four questions:

  • Do you want the world to be ruled by love and cooperation?
  • Do you want war and hunger to finish?
  • Do you trust the present structures to be able to change the present situation?
  • Do you agree that we present the results of this pool to the United Nations Asking for a new start on this planet?

4. The Village Council: We would like to create a global forum to bring together all people of good will to come to an agreement about what is needed for humankind to implement the results of the world values poll and also to present them to the United Nations and to the government of the world.

If you have similar and/or would like to be part and/or would like to share other projects, please feel free to do so by sending a quick message in the contact section or click here