Biography – Joao Motta



Born in 1949 in Lisbon, Portugal. Graduated in Law in 1971. Diplomat for the Portuguese Government (72-89),having served in New York (United Nations), Rotterdam (Consul General) and Paris (UNESCO, the Education, Science and Culture branch of the UN System). During those 17 years, he specialized in multilateral diplomacy – the work of the big international organizations (UN, Council of Europe). He believed in international cooperation and was a good mediator, able to reconcile the various positions of many countries into a consensus synthesis.

In 1989, aware of the falsity of  political maps, he switched from international politics to culture, art, literature and the deepening of the spiritual quest.

He wrote a small book – “The Territory and The Map” published in several versions in French, Portuguese, and Spanish, a poetical fiction set at the end of pre-Columbian America dealing with time and space and freedom from them.

He was the producer and the actor/dancer of two video works – “The Warrior’s Nature” and “The Shadow of the Garden”. And he did several performances in different locations.

Beginning in 1992 he started to show his Magical Gardens, miniature worlds made of all type of objects, dealing with spirituality, politics, and humor, glued inside acrylic glass cases, shown at the Madrid Arco Fair between 1996 and 1998. The original 18 Gardens toured the East in 1996/97 thanks to the Oriente Foundation: in Japan (Osaka and Tokyo), Macao (now China), and Seoul (Korea).

Lived in Colombia between 93 and 95. From 1999 to 2004 he studied at the Ramtha’s School of Enlightenment, near Seattle. In 2003, 2005 and 2007 he continued to make new exhibitions of the Magical Gardens in Portugal. The last two shows included a new avenue of expression: oil and acrylic paintings.

Since 2007 he shares his time between Florida, in association with The Om One God Foundation and The Spirit Confederation and Portugal.