Gardens 4

Miniature Worlds Affecting the Macrocosm

The Mysteries of Reencarnation

The Mysteries of Reincarnation

1.What is cause, what is effect? Before and after? Death and birth?”

“Everything that happens in time is an illusion. I can thus, for your edification, oh disciple of mine, to die and reincarnate in the next moment. Just look…”

The Mad Cows

The Mad Cows


2. The effect of man’s dementia is the kickback of the mad cow’s disease, the avian flu, the swine pandemic. Animals are our recipients, our consequence, our mirror…
The crisis is indeed one of civilization. We came to the end of the cycle. The cow is not sacred anymore and is not even take to pasture. It is fattened artificially with hormones, antibiotics and the very bones of her sisters. The triumph of the human pigs. The advent of the transgenic plague.

The Face of God

The Face of God


3. Unless you find God in your face you will keep dying and being reborn.
Non Duality. Where the lover recognizes itself in the loved one. Where Man sees itself in the mirror of God. Here the creator sees itself as creature and creature sees itself as creator. Beyond Time and Space.