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Human Paradoxes


Human Paradoxes Joao Motta
Personal Series

1. People ask me why I don’t sign my works of art or my writings.
An obvious and true answer would be because I forget or I don’t think of it.
Yet others remember that when I published my book, The Territory and the Map , the last page mentioned that the book did not have any copyright and that anybody could make copies of it, making mention or not of the name of the author.
Did I invent the words or the colors?
Or…(here begins the paradox)…did I write all the books on this planet?
Can I dare say that I am channeling this so-called planet?
I see myself and any other human as a paradox.
On one hand, after due research (which has to give credit to humility and intelligence), I came to the conclusions that the human is a program (in fact a rather binary one) and that the so much admired personality is but a sub-program of the physical body.
Once one accepts that one is a program, life starts to simplify and you start observing that the other humans are also their own program with many features in common with yours and you start to appreciate diversity from a new angle.
On the other hand, after a few experiences in your life you start realizing that you are more than the sum of your body , your emotions and your thinkings. You start positing the hypothesis that you might be a spirit incarnated, using the physical , emotional and mental bodies as a vehicle to experience. Once you open to that possible larger identity, you start having experiences that prove to you the truth that you are more than what you think. Might you be a god that has forgotten its true nature in its journey to and through this Earth? a forgotten god, a fallen god?
Then you see that we are not a human paradox, that we are of a (at least ) dual nature.
You start seeing, if you exert due diligence in your observation, that your experience is you, that whatever you see is a part of you, both the people you admire, like the Hollywood actors, the politicians, the religious ministers and the scientists ( all with all their galaxies of problems) and those people you despise, reject and not want to face.
It is true, you need both intelligence and humility to accept this path of scientific investigation about the nature of reality. That combination may sound like another paradox but it is not. To be truly intelligent you have to be humble, otherwise you will not be open to new knowledge and to unexpected wisdom.

2. Once a spiritual teacher asked me “ wouldn’t you just be a nameless particle in the void rather than a charicature of a biography?”.
That stroke a chord within me. Indeed it is ridiculous the way we get identity through our past achievements rather than being open to a new personality. Which shows the lack of trust in the unknown that characterizes us.
So, to clarify this question, I would say that as we are all one and as ideas are in the air and do not belong to anyone, I am not very concerned -at least at this stage of my being an unknown person-with particular issues of authorship. In my Magical Gardens I use all types of objects that were made by others. We just add our little bit of effort and genius to the long chain of creativity. It could even be said that it is the divine working through us that facilitates all our productions.

3. Besides, having been in different spiritual groups who give names to their adherents, I have different names to which I relate. With which one would I sign?
I tried ( and still use) different names for the writer, the artist of the Magical Gardens and for the actor/dancer.
But in the end I do not feel that any known name encompasses all the energies who I am, I did not yet feel any name that would resonate within my heart, any name that would draw the best out of me.
Having in mind that in order to achieve a coherent personality to interact within society, a personal name is the hallmark ,is its synthesis, I would then say that ,as a human paradox , I am neither a coherent, finished personality, nor I am yet beyond a certain identification with my vehicles. So, until that moment of truth comes I will keep signing my life with different names or not signing at all. The One has many faces, ours is just the button we press.

Dynasties and Programs


Dynasties and Programs
Controversial Series
September 1st 2009
Introduction: this text is a pot-pourri of many issues and it refers cryptically to certain political characters whom  people  will recognize and to certain political  issues in a very abbreviated way which were in the news of that day:

Much* news (which appropriately became so ephemeral) is not read, interpreted, connected and dimensionalised by people.
Most of the news that matter is fabricated, doctored, synchronized and spun**: These are just two events and four news which I read today:
1. A dynasty dies (Kennedy) another is being born (Bush), the latter conveniently migrating from politics to visual media. The new glitz is also another reason for Bill Klates to be dazzled by the patricians. Only that it is becoming known that the media sooner or later will switch allegiances: they will cease to offer asylum to politicians and turn to people. They will stop to brainwash and start to enlighten. Ceasing to be fearful slaves and becoming instructors, animators and co-creators. A phenomenon which is already happening if you read the internet or the printed media (I do not have a television and very seldom go to movies).
2. The Chrystal general says ‘we need money and troops in poppy land (and we need to pullout immediately from the sands); so, on the same page we read: a people are*** making $ 4 billion from banks (out of a lost trillion). The 4 billion is ammunition for two fronts: the visible war (really singular) and smoke against mounting moral hazard evidence.
Among other recent events I will mention two deserving attention:
The Catholics’ most grasping couple. Not unlike several other politicians with certain characteristics which create foundations. Pretend to help the universal cause of conjunction. While tending to their universal ambition. The overseer rightly forced Thatcher’s dynasty’s heir, who after two years, finally did something and finally said something to his primary allegiance****: cell phones are important in the bank.
Meanwhile the sarcoma had a new warning: “heed and head to the healing lighted pool. Choices are being made of which you are unaware. Abandon glamour and ‘childish’ things. In Spain lies hope for you”.
————–Footnotes relating to the asterisks: —————————————————————————————-*   The Anglo -Saxons have an unusual view of what is singular and plural in other languages, for instance: News is singular, 4 billion is singular, data and media (the plural of the Latin ‘datum’ and ‘medium’) are singular, while a family is plural, a government is plural and a people is plural.
These could be said to be relics of early tribal periods, but they are interesting suggestions and can perhaps make a lot of specifying sense( the Anglo-Saxons aggregate differently) and reveal an example of another forgotten vector of the evolution of the human program. Because words and languages “fire and wire” together with their corresponding emotions.
Hence it is only in the U.S. that people speak about ’the nation’. Much as in previous times people would talk of a city with so many ‘souls’.
That is also why, now talking about visual terms, the U.S. is the only country where regular people can have the national flag displayed outside their houses. In other countries, the flag is a symbol of sovereignty, much as the Queen’s crown, which has been appropriated for use by rulers and governments alone. Even though European governments are now starting to condone the use of small national flags in cars and house windows under the populist context and period of international football games.
A funny true story: apart from the Americans, the only other people that display national flags outside their houses are the immigrants from the Azores( a Portuguese archipelago in the Atlantic), who on return from the U.S. to their islands display a flag: only that it can be the American one, the Portuguese one or the independentist movement’s one…
Another interesting story: Portugal is the only country where the founder of the last dynasty did something baffling for a foreigner: when he was acclaimed as king, in 1640, he put the royal crown on the head of the Mother of god. That was on a statue of Mary, (in this case of the Immaculate Conception), whom the orthodox and the catholic Christians consider to be the mother of the Christ god.

** One spins into a thread. Threads, like languages, nationalities, religions and energetic matrixes purport to make sense of something previously unintelligible.
This is particularly important because meaning is what people inadvertently use to get identity. Meaning=identity.
* **”People” is a conveniently plural word thus including all the Anglo-Saxon ‘yous’ with which the media and the medical propaganda literature daily bombard us. Every American knows, for instance, that ‘you’ will die from any certain disease after any ‘statistically proved’ age.
**** The monos recognize a hierarchy amongst them: precedence, with all its consequences.
The Anglo-Saxons, as the newest and the last dominant race/program/cycle in the game, are not aware of half the story. There are master programs and there are specialized ones.

This is not yet the place to describe the different national, racial, religious and even astrological programs. In 1980, as a very young man and while I was working at the United Nations I gave a talk about those issues at “The Meditation Mount” in Ojai, California, entitled“The Soul of Nations’. I had been inspired by an enlightening book that Alice Bailey wrote with a similar name.




July – August 2009

People are very proud of our three-dimensionality. We laugh about the possible experiences of Flatlanders. Accordingly, some people believe that sculpture is superior to painting , like others believe that the monumental is superior to the miniature. Yet, the truth might be that… one-dimensional is superior to two dimensional and that two-dimensional is better than three-dimensional …
The brain, in its thoughts, feelings and imaginations is two dimensional and it has its reality, it is creating. But the brain wanted to see, to see itself. It wanted more definition, more texture, layers. And then it started projecting, attracting matter to give body to its intentions.
People can imagine that before the Big Bang, before dimensions began, nothing was happening and that one- dimensional now would mean something boring, eventless. Yet there can be 13 dimensions inside a point. This is easy to accept for a scientist. That is why they postulate the need for 11 dimensions in the super string theories. These dimensions are ‘enfolded’ as they say. They really are inside.
Only that people do not know anymore that they have an inside… We don’t even know how to conceive of it.
People live so much outside, in relationships, in movies, in sports, in their jobs, that they are not even aware there is a physical inside to their skin unless they have some pain or illness.
And when you do not know your body you cannot see and feel it as a vehicle. A vehicle made to interact with the third dimensional world. And any scientist can tell you that it is in the brain that we reconstruct and give three-dimensionality to what our eyes see and our senses convey to it.
But the brain craves excitement, novelty. It is not content with dreaming. It does not really believe its thoughts are real. It believes they go with the wind. Yet, if it would start being less rigid and constringent, reality would also begin to flow and be perceived as energy, as the energy it really is.

Quantum Physics tells us that the atoms can behave both as wave and as particle. They are in their natural state flowing as a wave, but when we observe them , they ‘collapse’ as particles. To be configured according to our private devotions, to be shared with our co-believers in this collective hallucination called objective reality.
Harder for people to accept is that we are programs. Not exactly like those of the computers but not very different either. It only takes some time for you to observe yourself and have the humility to recognize it.
I have done that cursory investigation and I have seen how binary I am; a complex but binary program. We are binary because we live in a world of duality. We are ‘inside’ a world of subject-object, framed by time and space, a world where our achievements will always betray our expectations and desires.
We are binary programs also because it could be said that people’s personalities in the end really can be divided in those who see the cup half full or half empty; or people who trust and believe in themselves and the universe and those who don’t; or people who give and those who take. That is how we are programmed. How our brains are wired. How genetics and culture have given us certain lenses to see and react to the world. The baby comes free from bias but soon space and time start creating distortions in its fragile perceptive vehicle.
As a personal note I have to admit that all my life I paid importance to my dreams and to so-called coincidences. This gave me leverage into understanding the connections between inner and outer life, the openness to the possibility that they might be one, that after all there is only one life. Not a dreaming one, a sexual one, a working one, a traveling other, another one that paints or writes.
In the end you are your experience. Whatever happens to you is you, is the story you are narrating, to yourself and to others. They are your characters, they are your audience.
Perhaps in the beginning our creations and projections were simple. But due to the brain’s craving for more and more, because the more it has the more the ego believes in its reality, we inflated our reality with an ever expanding array of emotions , feelings ,objects and possessions.
And with the advent of the screen we can have –virtually- whatever we can think of. Funny that nobody that I know has mentioned that the TV and computer screens are exactly a screen where we can project ourselves. Where we can see ourselves without the effort of self-analysis or the boredom of a physical mirror. Thus men can feel themselves as sport heroes and women and teenagers can vicariously live the emotions of soap operas.
There are now many young men in Taiwan (as well as South Korea and Japan, for this is the advancing area) that live completely inside the virtual world and shun the company of physical girls. This is not a fad , it is a growing trend .Obviously, each society has its peculiarities, but for several reasons that are not necessary to explain now , America seems to be the next candidate for pursuing this dream. The dream that you can live without a physical body. That you can cross the mirror. That is why some years ago some teenagers committed suicide after their character was killed in the game of Dragons and Dungeons.

When in my role of concept-hunter- always trying to discover the umbrella concepts that include many other words and things – I say to people, for instance, that dimensions and generations are the same they get surprised. But then I give an example: when you buy a new computer, a third generation computer, you know that it comes with many new windows, vistas and portals into new spaces; that it flows at higher speeds of connectivity and comprehensiveness; you know that you and the computer have passed into a more evolved dimension, and, certainly, when images will become holographic you will have no more doubts about that.
But this text is just to introduce certain ideas. Hidden behind it waits the proposition that one-dimension resulted in all this we see and that to one-dimension we will have to return if we want to mend all this chaos which we have created.

Soul Auctions


Spiritual Series
March 2008

Soul Auctions
The other day ,when I was visiting the central stores of the galaxy, I witnessed a soul auction at The karma/dharma stores. The prices were cheap. The buyers were from distant systems. Most souls were from Earth humans. The animals were the most interested in acquiring human souls, trying to circumvent present galactic rules and regulations through certain Indian Philosophy loopholes which allow them that type of evolution. The managers told me that there was very little interest in investing in this planet.
The auctioneers are widely referred to as the equalizers. Even though many people are against them because they see their trade as a sort of spiritual slavery with consequences on many levels, those who see them as equalizers defend their function as very useful in the global economy of the galaxy.
Those who defend the equalisers feel that  because  many souls do not have an established price that means that they donnot really know their value .This happens mainly because there is very little contact between the souls and the personalities who hijacked their body . Thus it is felt that a price, even if referential or an identity value needs to be fixed . Both for their individual benefit and for the general interest of the stability of the economy. That can only be known when a buyer at an auction sets the price.
Very much like in the American subprime mortgages market, where the final value of a house or of a homeowner is a big question mark due to the inflation in numbers and the opacity of the deals involved. For the same reasons, the souls being appraised at the central stores show wild differences in future options.

It is a known fact that most of the actors of the mortgage and derivatives market whose souls appear for sale at the central Basel Agreement stores don’ t show prospects of early redemption. Their counterparty risks being so enormous is the reason why they are traded at The karma/dharma stores, sometimes under the counter.

In fact ,after the Bearish Stains appeared on the wall of the Street, in 2008,the Cassandras of the market have translated those weighted, counted and measured neon signs on the stained walls as huge writedowns in their value books, as well as into huge transferences into off shore accounts and even off planet , for the very rich or very tainted. Most souls of the subprime entanglement, convicted of eternal greed, both as homeowners, mortgage brokers, appraisers, bankers , insurers and investors have seen their exchange value sharply depreciated at pre trial investigations. Hence their being discounted at the stores.

Those well informed know that for many of those forlorn souls, whose protectors are now asking for great increases in collateral and margins, the prospect now is a possible return to Hercobulos, the fiery, violent ,warlike and hate and revenge filled planet from which humans came long ago. It appears that guarantees were given for the safeguarding of a lengthy convoy starting to prepare for early departure. Those souls would not avoid exposure of their crimes but would be guaranteed a general amnesty prior to their departure to a still being negotiated destination. In that convoy, seats have already been reserved for the families of Mr. Suharto, Marcos,Somoza, Mobuto and other dictators- like Mugabe- souls still living or being retained emotionally in this plane by grief and greed .
It is believed that most such souls , wary of a dramatic increase in counter party risks to which their excessive leveraging had exposed them and not having the old fashioned decency to drop their bodies from a window, are gathering in certain astral hedge funds who have given them temporary refuge.
What I noticed at the latest souls´ stockmarket session was that Media souls were the most highly coveted. It seems , according to those who have access to time travel , that they will play a main role in the turning of the tables. The problem is that those souls, who prostituted themselves, a whole life, to security, are now eager to play a new heroic role, and therefore they are not willing to surrender their free will at this junction where the bets are high on their mission. So, many of the potential walk- ins  who wanted to buy their souls will have to wait for a better opportunity.
Meanwhile, it is reported that the souls of the securitisers and brokers have been bundled together with those of fundamentalist politicians and religious leaders, East and West. Their values, talents and defects have have been diced and sliced several times into some form of securitized and hedged astral-financial vehicle the announcement of which was greeted with enthusiastic clamor at Hercobulos.

At the same time, on real Earth, the FBI has been searching the remaining files of the creators of the worlwide present  giant pyramid scheme and perfect house of cards  made of derivatives and subprimes which is now continuing to collapse.

At the beginning of the crisis the best way to invest was in paper shredders , because all those dealers who wanted to get rid of their past. Another option which remains worthwile investing is in storage space- a last refuge, together with the sprawling tent cities-for all those former homeowners, now becoming homeless. But the investigations underway are giving lots of expected results . For everything that happens in the internet is known and only fools and hackers believe in any remnant of privacy.
Those unaware people who still have doubts that we live a virtual reality simulation, those who don´t know about the three matrixes- the physical, the emotional and the mental- are just the pawns in the present grand game. Being projections, avatars, like all of us, they don´t, anyway, have much leverage. But the issue now is who wants to claim to be a creator, to be a god ,to be a user and those who are willing or wanting to remain hipnotized as programs.
Several blocs are now competing for the next timeline to be applied to the so called planet Earth, a dimensional game whose contours are now starting to unravel.
One element that is being watched with great attention by the liquidators of the present human structures is a huge thought-form: the derivatives. The 516 trillions of dollars that conform those cloud- like masses of derivatives are now facing the mirror and their writings on the wall. They were a house of mirrors , patiently build over the last two decades .
The derivatives´s connection to physical assets is thin. Because of the great amount of leverage (borrowing) used to acquire them and the number of deals involved, which has created the fact that more than one owner exists for the same asset , they have really become unintelligible pieces of paper, their only worth being the trust and confidence that can only exist in thriving , bullish markets ,which has now evaporated. Their creators sought security in numbers, feeling sure that such an enormous king´s robe would never be put in question . And now they are finding that the opaque robe is becoming transparent and not enough to cover the general nakedness.
These financial genius and engineers, who created and multiplied these financial weapons of mass destruction, as Mr. Buffet as called them, have achieved their goals: the world system is on the brink of collapse. Everybody is short selling their ambitions and dreams for, contrary to normal business, the losses in derivatives can be unlimited. Their awakening will be rough.
But the financial and economical woes are just a part of the story that is unraveling. It is known that both the military and the intelligence communities have switched alliances. They came to the conclusion that their best interests lie with the plight and hopes of the greatest number of people. Both communities are tired of being used as fodder canon and scapegoats. They are exhausted, depleted and divided and have no desire to follow to Hercobulos or escape to the Moon where a secret base seems to being finalized. They feel that freedom for the humans is an achievable goal. That the all pervasiveness of the matrix is not an obstacle to a quantum leap, for the matrix can be edited. Some of them are even realizing that Bernay’s creation of the American consumer in the 1920 s´and the maintenance  of that consumption and debt system nowadays is both unsustainable and  inextricably linked to the smooth functioning of the present Earth1 matrix.
Only that the matrix is showing increasing glitches . And not only dejá vus, but other cracks that some believe are purposefully introduced (to induce a false sense of security and hope), but most believe to be the precursory signs of a meltdown in the Master Control Program.
The blocs now emerging are:

1.The Confederation of the Spirit. Composed of all the great minds and souls who passed(or not) through humanity during the Ages, and who are now either incarnated or not.  The Confederation is working for the great universal conjunction of all physical, emotional and mental creations in order to achieve a concentration into onedimensionality. Back to before the Big Bang and to the shop of that original creator of mirrors. The recruitment and association centers for the Confederation are now being opened everywhere on Earth.

2.The Hercobolus crowd .Who wants more and more war, destruction and suffering, namely through another Great Depression.Ruled by Ahriman its objective is to impede human evolution by making people more bound to matter, possessions and density and more alien to their spirit.
3.The present rulers of the virtual matrix, the underwriters of the present program Earth 1.  They are poised to create a much more artificial reality, through technology, bionic bodies and complete erasure of Nature, peopled by human zombies. A world where joy, love, creativity, real diversity will be impossible, but where the illusion will be perfect. they use unaware scientists to speed up technological evolution and are the masters behind the Geneva LHC experiments.
These managers of the present matrix,under the Lord of Time, are at crossroads.

As nonne of the three blocs’s project is compatible with each other,nonne of its three leaders trusts or is willing to ally itself with any other.
So- besides the invisible wars and the negotiations going on on other levels, the big question for all humans is out:

Who created the present matrix and for what purpose?
Some of those who came to the present junction of this timeline brought with them a coded mission which is now being activated.
The subprime crisis, which has become a world economical and political crisis will be the trigger for that quantum leap.
Only those who take complete responsibility for their reality, that means, who don’ t blame or accuse anyone, can play  the upgraded version of the Earth 2 Game.

Years ago Mr.Roland Shine ( a nickname) bought the franchising for this new game, the Earth 2, which is starting to replace in many open souls the now fading Earth1 (formerly known as Earth Dream in the Galaxy stores).

It has been made clear what the components of the new Earth 2 game are: love ,cooperation and free energy will replace oppression and slave work. The spirit will shine through matter.

Nevertheless, before Earth 2 will be fully installed, a proposal will have to emerge based on three questions, which together will form a referendum to be circulated by internet:
1 Do you want war to be finished?
2 Do you want love to rule supreme?
3 Do you trust the present human structures?
When in that worldwide poll these deep questions will resonate in the hearts of people, it is possible that they will be accepted by 99% of the world’s population. After those results have been achieved and delivered to the United Nations as an ultimatum, a step in which the media will play a determining role- by not giving anymore asylum to the politicians- the structures of the world will find themselves de-legitimised. The stage will thus be set for the quantum revolution.


Those who signed with their hearts for the Earth 2.2 program, and who represent perhaps 0,01 % of the human population, since this proposal requests:

1. a total quantum inner surrender to the whole and to oneness,

2. the acceptance that their only identity is their mission ,in whatever realm,

3.the acceptance to transitorily become nameless particles in the Void,

WILL meet behind the Sun ,

In the Hall of The Brave , at the Central Spiritual Sun.

Those– at present the 333 Diana Avengers– as one will conform the core diamond that will dissolve the Matrix.

Their combined codes form the mirror anti-code of the Master Control Program.

They,we, created the Earth 1 matrix.They,we, will implode it!