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portugal one


Here I have been for three months in Portugal. It is a big difference to be back in Europe, for many reasons.

Things are going fast, because time is being accelerated and nothing can stop the  emerging of the new paradigm. What has just happened in Tunisia and South Sudan is just the beginning of a wave towards truth and transparency.

Everywhere movements are starting who- in their partial ways- present an alternative philosophy and practise. Some day these groups will get together across borders, religions, languages and races to form a worldwide coalition of goodwill.

The implosion of the present paradigm and of the Anglo-Saxon worldview is patent to all. The future is uncertain and chaos is mounting.  We are all undergoing a colective initiation. That means that our most prevalent ways of being, our weaknesses and defects as well as our virtues, are being intensified. So that we really know who we are. At the same time we are being empowered to achieve our dreams and intentions.

The synthesis of the past is proceeding. To see what can be salvaged and transported into the emerging global solidarity and spiritual awakening paradigm.

Exciting times for mankind and for the universe!……





Time cannot be stopped, mainly in the cities. The vortex has begun spinning and everybody will be thrown to their exact physical location and in the end to their corresponding dimension.

The planet’s crisis cannot be solved by the system, by those in the economic and political worlds who have created it. We are literally in the hands of God.

Let each one assume its role and its mission for the battlefield now is Time.

Humanity will be given two options:


The politicians allied with the scientists will offer a new reality, increasingly virtual, where age will be reversed for the rich, to be promised immortality, people will be cloned at wish, disease will be eradicated and humans will live in a biotronic world where all their needs will be satisfied. It will be a world where physical money will be discontinued. A world without suffering and adventure.

Access to nature will be progressively fading and the spirit will be banished as an irrelevant idea.


The spiritual solution. A life of simplicity and contentment for all. Devoid of the materialistic and consumerist drive that has ruled us in this last cycle. The earth being uplifted to another stage of cooperation, love and integration into the sentient cosmos.

An inner acceptance of the will of God, as the creator of our spirits.

A life where we as gods will be creators, conscious creators of our reality. Thus ceasing to be like animals and to have to prostitute ourselves for a salary.

The economic crisis has already become a social and political crisis. It will become a spiritual crisis, a systemic crisis of the prevailing paradigm. People will really have to choose between two ways of living.

A new culture is available for mankind, a way out has been trodden. Soon it will be announced.


What is Cultural Synthesis?

Cultural synthesis is the harvest of an evolutionary cycle.

Cultural synthesis is the distillation and preservation of the best that a certain civilization has produced.

Like the Hindu god Shiva, who destroys to recreate,

A scanner is now going through human culture to see what can be salvaged…

What essence is worthwhile to be preserved…

A reactor, an attractor, a synthesizer is operating deep within the archetypes of the human psyche,

Exerting a pull towards oneness…

For those who are ready for the harvest.

Culture is not in the libraries or the theaters;

Culture is the hearts and minds of everybody:

It is how and what you think and feel and how you act.

This is the inner individual culture.

The outer culture is then what a society or a group gives to the individual, as a mirror.

It is here that the pre-existing or exiting culture has failed.

Because what people need and are really looking for

Is for identity and meaning.

And neither the organized religions nor science have come up with valid answers for our times.

The prevailing cultural paradigm is the one of multiculturalism

It informs the approach of many forward looking movements, like the Institute of Noetic Sciences.

Yet it has led to a cul de sac, a dead end.

The precursors of multiculturalism started in France with Existentialism in the 1940’s and later with Structuralism in the 60’s.

One could even argue that its remote beginning was associated with Romanticism in 1800.

Then it was that the cult of ruins and the admiration of the fragment was born.

All these cultural movements led to the prevailing idea that

Everything is relative,

No truth is final,

Every culture has equal rights and worth

And, finally, to the hope that out of all the world’s cultures, a global culture will emerge by the fusion of all this variety of elements,

Ranging from the archaic and shamanistic to the ultra technological and virtual.

It is not really a question of high and low culture,

One reserved for the people who have time, money and taste

And the other thrown at the masses

Addicted to sports, soap and novels.


The new culture is equal for everybody, every social class.

Because it gives answers to what people are looking for

In terms of identity and meaning.

Only that- contrary to the naïve faith, hope and belief of the multiculturalists-

It is not coming from a fusion of pre-existing and disparate elements.

It has always existed in the human spirit

It is a center. It is holistic. It is integral.

There are a myriad of theories and religions, avenues of discovery and channeled materials.

We are overwhelmed by an excess of information and a theft of time to digest it.

Humanity has given up on finding something truly new.

Yet a new culture is available,

Which goes much beyond religion and science

And their respective dogmas.

This is a culture of vibration, resonance and correspondence.

Where all the past is gathered, recollected and




Into something new

Like the Phoenix being reborn of its ashes.

This culture of oneness goes beyond duality and dualism.

For indeed there are no good and evil, but different expressions of the same evolutionary urge.

Polar energies at the respective end of a continuum,

A spectrum of light and darkness.

A constant search for the mystery and the unknown.

One can tell the present writer that perhaps the reason I am disaffected with today’s culture is because I am growing old. I am indeed getting wiser.

But when I go to trance parties I dance faster than the 18 year olds.

So it is not that I do not understand present trends in youth culture and it is not a question of high and low culture.

I have lived through the high period of human creativity of the late sixties and early seventies.

It was a cultural revolution.

So threatening to the establishment that it had to be diverted and silenced.

I still accompanied what came later, but soon after, all color was gone starting with the late punk.

From then till now has been the reign of black and grey.

Artists, gallerists, cultural managers, even chefs and hairstylists, all adhered to the new uniform of cheap chic.

Fragmentation (and its correlated human isolation, depression and bipolarity) hit an all time high. Collage of cultures and mixed media became the natural way of expression.

Everything goes…

And the last vestiges of truth were relegated to the radical extremist fundamentalists of religion,

For even political ideologies had been discredited or died of natural death.

As an artist and a writer I can see culture from different viewpoints.

This is exponentially compounded by my being a nomad without a fixed abode

And by having been a career diplomat, specialized in big political, economical and cultural international organizations.


More than a cultural synthesis… what this is all about is really about oneness.

As the goal of human evolution.

To reach it, one has to start with unifying all the divergent parts, or bodies of ours,

The physical, the emotional and sentimental, the mental, the spiritual.

Then we are attuning to the integration and unification with our human environment: our blood or chosen family, our human endeavors movements and causes, our common working to save the planet…

Our oneness with mankind is inscribed and imprinted in our core

… If we only listen to the spirit in our inner hearts…

To finish:

We came from an origin, a source where we were one with all.

The real synthesis is the clipping of our experiences as nomads of the universe, wanderers of dimensions.

We are returning.

Because we feel the call.

Because we have gathered in our projections and creations, for we have seen through them…

Because the universe is contracting and returning to source…

It’s the great universal conjunction, the harmonic wave of synthesis.

The healing of the breach, the sealing of the great divide.

The end time for the addictive game of space-time.