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Here I have been for three months in Portugal. It is a big difference to be back in Europe, for many reasons.

Things are going fast, because time is being accelerated and nothing can stop the  emerging of the new paradigm. What has just happened in Tunisia and South Sudan is just the beginning of a wave towards truth and transparency.

Everywhere movements are starting who- in their partial ways- present an alternative philosophy and practise. Some day these groups will get together across borders, religions, languages and races to form a worldwide coalition of goodwill.

The implosion of the present paradigm and of the Anglo-Saxon worldview is patent to all. The future is uncertain and chaos is mounting.  We are all undergoing a colective initiation. That means that our most prevalent ways of being, our weaknesses and defects as well as our virtues, are being intensified. So that we really know who we are. At the same time we are being empowered to achieve our dreams and intentions.

The synthesis of the past is proceeding. To see what can be salvaged and transported into the emerging global solidarity and spiritual awakening paradigm.

Exciting times for mankind and for the universe!……

                   THE ANGLO-SAXON WORLDVIEW


                                                  I-  INTRODUCTIONS


                                        TECHNICAL INTRODUCTION

I wrote most of the following articles during a few weeks in 2008 and kept them in the drawer as I do with most of my writings. I had thought of combining them into a single coherent one. Yet I came to the conclusion that it is best to leave them separate.

On one hand their themes vary slightly. On the other, by being shorter they are more readable.

                                          CONTENT INTRODUCTION

When I invented the concept of The Anglo-Saxon Worldview, a subject benignly forgotten by the exiting culture, I did not realize all the far-reaching consequences of this basic issue.

As a concept hunter, a profession I have exercised for a few years, I tried to establish a pyramid of the concepts that rule the human program.

Basically, the idea has been to go down from oneness, unity and one-dimensionality all the way down to such varied concepts as makes of cars, types of food ingredients or types of emotions used by different races or ages.

Obviously the first differentiation was duality. The positive and the negative. The Yin and the Yang. Good and Evil. Inner and outer. Time and space. Separation and conjunction.

After this original sin, came fragmentation or multiplicity, ruled by the pernicious concept of intermediary. This concept is very dangerous because it applies both to time and to space. It justifies the concept of process (the parent of evolution and involution). It justifies the idea of center and periphery. Basically it gives acceptance to the idea of   a way of space between two points and to the idea of time as a flow between past and present.

As this is an introduction to Anglo-Saxon worldview I will refrain from explaining further how we come down from concepts such as  skin-continent-race to their language programs and to the way their respective individual members perceive their relation to the whole.

As Alice Bailey very well explained in her book “The destiny of nations” (I gave a lecture on that subject in 1980), every country and every race have a specific personality and a specific soul. As they all have a specific mission, the ability to fulfill their mission comes form their ability to put their personality at the service of their soul.

As it came to the Anglo-Saxon civilization to play the role of the final cycle-program of History, the English speaking commonwealth of nations, including the U.S. have an extremely important role to play: either they usher in a new era of abundance and creativity for mankind or they become the last bastion of separatism.

Hence these ideas which I express in the following articles are early contributions for the creation of a possibly new and very necessary discipline: The Anglo-Saxon Studies Science. This discipline has little to do with the historic Anglo-Saxons( although it should obviously include them) and everything to do with how the English people and their heirs, the Americans, see the world.

 The very nature of these texts is controversial. I do not mean to attack Anglo-Saxons as people, something which would be ridiculous, yet I would like to make them aware that they are unconsciously being subject to a vast program and way of seeing reality which runs counter to their own aspirations. By writing this series, even though in a controversial and not very detached or neutral way, I mean to progressively expose a view of the world – others would even call it a conspiracy- which has impoverished the Western soul and is threatening to destroy the other remaining cultures.

Because of their controversial nature I kept these texts hidden from 2008 till 2010. Even though I aspire to be a cultural synthesizer and an ambassador for a new culture of peace, respect and conciliation, I now feel they can play a certain role in being released to the public, one of them the reclaiming the Anglo-Saxon worldview as a subject and discipline for studies and work. It was not in vain that a century ago,Max Weber,a precursor of cultural synthesis, wrote his The Protestant Ethic and the Rise of Capitalism, a book to which I would indeed like to make an actualization.



                                           II- ARTICLES:


                                                                              1. ONE WORLD

The one world which is arising like a phoenix out of the ashes–more than multipolar or multicultural– is a synthesis of the best which human experience has produced and is being now being informed or wrapped up by divine wisdom.

In a sense it is not new but it has nevertheless little to do with the presently existing human culture, which henceforth we will call the pre-existing culture.

The pre-existing culture is represented by the Anglo-Saxon worldview based on Economism and Scientism. It has patently failed and impoverished the human soul. A way out is at hand for those who are tired of it, those who came to the planet at this juncture to steward its evolution to a higher stage of consciousness.

We do not have to believe in conspiracies to realize that this world does not deliver.

We do not even have to believe in God to ascertain that human generated and driven ideologies and philosophies were not able to deliver a sense of identity, meaning, satisfaction and fulfillment to the human race.

We do not have to be socialists to admit that this world is highly unequal and that the very few worldwide have enormous powers while the vast majority in every country suffers deprivations or at least a lack of quality of living.

We do not have to believe that this world is a prison or a malevolent matrix to realize that there is an admirable coherence, cohesiveness and inter-relatedness in the socio-political-economical scenario which this planet presents to the universe.

It is now too late for debates or new ideologies. It is even too late for a new world-religion.

The unification of the human race out of the best that nationalities and religions have offered will not be a synthesis of the past. It will not be a materialist reality where people have to prostitute themselves to have an illusion of satisfaction.

Irrespective of whether you believe that we are all sons and daughters of God or that we are fallen and forgotten gods, the divine is again treading this planet. Each one of us is a divine cell.

In this transitional period in which the political leaders of the world will prepare mankind for its next step, transparency will be inevitable. What we have done in the past is irrelevant. We were asleep.

Now that we are waking up to cosmic citizenship and claiming our divine inheritance we do not have to believe in those terms. And indeed all beliefs, religions and cultures are to be respected and do not have to be abandoned.

The new situation on the planet respects human freedom. Nobody will have to do anything. Only those who are willing to choose a new planet will be invited and empowered to do so.

The important thing is that humanity will finally be free to choose on its destiny, on what type of life people will want to live.

Those who want to stay in a 3D planet of war, hunger and control they will be able to inherit that planet. They will evolve at their own speed.

Those who want to live in joy, creativity and love, as is our birth-right, will receive the bounty of all these experiences on this plane.

The hour is near. Preparation is essential. Fear is out of the question.

                            2.  REFINED PIGS AND BARBARIAN SLAVES


This essay is a strongly emotional and vindictive reaction to Ms von Bismarck’s 2008 article calling PIGS to Portugal, Ireland, Greece and Spain. I wonder who invented this name in that year, certainly with the intention of offending the natives of those still natural countries:

SLAVES is an acronym coined in 2010 to describe the Saxon—London controlled—Anglo—Victors of Second World War—Empire—Serfs.

As Hitler soberingly commented (Saba Salin would probably make a similar comment if she ventured beyond her familiar confines) after returning from a visit to Rome: “and to say that we were still barbarian tribes, roaming the forests naked when the Romans had already all that splendid civilization…”

The SLAVES are getting formatted to be injected into the virtual world through the hive mentality fostered by the internet and the mass hypnotizing of TV.

Not being refined and old, abhorring culture, wide thinking and deep feelings, not having memory, not making connections, worshipping sports, time and money, closer to the machines and the mechanical world they are becoming easy prey for the coming black hole which will engulf those who refuse to awaken to consciousness and turn to God.

The PIGS are refusing to pay the price which progress demands, the bonuses that CEOs exact from the masses, the dividends which banks raise from consumers to continue playing against their own countries in the casinos of destiny.

The PIGS are saying in the streets of Athens, in the irresponsibility of the Portuguese parliament and in the admirable atavism of the 16 year-olds Spanish matadors, that they have had enough of the collective madness which the Anglo-Saxons have spread through the world in the last three centuries.

I can imagine Russia, China, Latin America, Africa, the Arabs, the East, continental Europe and its Nordics saying:

 “Enough is enough! The world is on the brink of disaster because of your folly and of your greed; because of your lack of comprehensive intelligence, historical memory and foresight!”

“We want a world not ruled by Economism and Scientism. We want a world of abundance for all and not for an extremely small minority. We were not made to produce and consume but to enjoy life and evolve further as spiritual beings incarnated.”

 “You have failed because you have destroyed the standing of your own West in these two silly unwinnable wars. You have failed because you have allowed your banks to print and create money, a prerogative of the State. And worse, you have failed in playing the world unifying role for which you in a way had been called.”

 “Also, you cannot deny what your own statistics have revealed: in your two countries -supposedly ruled by freedom, justice, fairness for all and democracy- inequalities and distance between the small master race and the modern day slaves of the market are getting the same as backwards, medieval countries like Portugal and North Korea.”

“Irrespective of the findings of the Dutch and the English Enquiry Commissions on the legitimacy of attacking Iraq, the verdict of History has been passed. You have lost the mandate of Heaven.”

“Your hope is to join the rest of the world in welcoming a new reality of abundance and joy for all. A reality where the human delusions of total free will and license will be of the past and where scientific hubris will be tamed. A reality where humanity accepts God’s loving guidance and takes its next step in the cosmic evolution.

Because we are gods and we can now claim our divine rights and inheritance.

                          3.  A PERSONAL NOTE ON ANGLO-SAXONS

When I talk about the Anglo-Saxon worldview, in no way do I mean to give offense to the English and American peoples whom I sincerely like, love and admire.

As I consider my human side a program, I also consider languages, nationalities and races as programs to learn certain lessons.

I lived and studied in London, I have lived intermittently in the U.S. during twelve years. In fact I could consider myself an honorary American citizen as I consider myself a senior honorary diplomat.

Having lived so many years in the Anglo-Saxon world, it gave me a deep perspective about this beautiful race. Having lived as a nomad in many countries in the four continents I came to appreciate the differences and qualities of many civilizations: I ate their foods and practiced their religions and even the way I dress is a mixture of them all. 

But at this stage of the story I have to repeat to the Anglo-Saxons what the victorious Saladin told the defeated but heroic crusaders who were leaving Jerusalem:” if God had not loved you too you would not have been able to do all that you did”.


The admirable progress which we have witnessed thanks to the Anglo-Saxons was a beautiful and necessary development which brought us to this amazing point in human evolution where we can claim to be co-creators of our reality.

I myself am immensely grateful both to England (from whom my royal ancestors came, and whose name of Lancaster I still bear) and to the United States for all the freedom I have been breathing since I went to London in the sixties and first came to New York in 1972.

What I do not agree is with the pervasive reductionist leveling of world cultures, which were a valid worldview, by a materialist bulldozer based on Scientism and Economism. What I fight is against a world where the spirit will disappear to be replaced by a virtual reality controlled by machines. A world that would forever forsake God.

It has been for a long time my earnest desire to contribute to the evolution of the world so that religions do not divide but unite, for there is but one God. The God who is in me as is in everybody, is the same in all religions. There cannot be a private God for the Jews or the Moslems and smaller minor gods for the rest of mankind.

Recognizing God in Nature is not paganism. It is recognizing that God is everything not just altars, tablets or stones. It is bearing faith and witness that the universe is an open temple; a temple indeed within.

                             4. SCIENCE AND ITS ANGLO-SAXON BEND

The more I read about the latest discoveries of science the more I pity the blessed scientists… they really are in the dark… And both their childhood and student indoctrinations make it impossible for them to accept the truth, that is, the holistic nature of EVERYTHING.

Why do scientists lack courage so much? Because they still want to buy that new car or house, feed and school their families, be accepted by their peers, continue to receive that grant for their research. But worst of all is their lack of imagination, coupled with their self-imposed bias towards exclusive segmentation, compartmentalization and specialization.

There is also something which scientists and the general public alike tend to ignore: in their private and religious or spiritual lives, scientists are exactly like the rest of us, no better no worse. Like the priests before them…

Dogma, be it religious or scientific is the same: the avoidance of accepting inconvenient facts for the preservation of the status quo.

Those who interpret dogma, be they pastors, scientists or politicians, lead lives that are as banal as those of all of us.

They still have sexual desires and infidelities, they still believe in the material and the visible, they live in their emotions and their thoughts, they are still governed and ruled by time and by money.

In spite of these facts, humans having seen through religion and not having much choice in politics, now give science the exclusive of telling us how to see the world.

This happens mainly in the Anglo-Saxon world. Indeed here we have a social pyramid very different from the rest of the world, namely from Europe. On top we have the scientists and the doctors. Then the sportsmen, the Hollywood people and the performers like singers. The third echelon is the businessmen, the bankers and the CEOs.

When this type of pyramid rules a society neither the blood nor the spirit have any say on the direction it is taking. Such a society is easy prey to Economism and Scientism.

Scientism is a program which humans have indeed swallowed together with Economism.

These two lethal materialistic programs are as viruses destroying the face of the earth.

Modern science was created in the XVIIth and XVIIIth centuries in Great Britain and continental Europe. From Newton’s beginnings the view was reductionist and mechanicist. Economic Science was also created in Britain with Adam Smith who invented a god-like invisible hand of the market that would lead people to happiness.

Both science and economy are ruled by quantity crude numbers and density which are a sign of materialism. Both sciences were developed in the last century mainly by Anglo-Saxons. In Psychology they created the Behaviorist School, another materialist approach.

It is recognized that scientists operate under the sway of a natural optimism. In that, they are like children, convinced that only good can come of their play, exuberant with their toys, amazed by their discoveries, oblivious to the possible consequences of their research. Like children, scientists live in their own world where nothing else counts. They are contented in their little segment of reality. Seldom do they enter into multi disciplinary avenues and almost never do they question the basic tenets of their disciplines whose philosophy they probably never studied.

I am not a Luddite fighting against the advances of science and the benefits it brought to mankind. What many of us are increasingly repeating is that science without consciousness, science separated from the rest and from the whole, is just an ancillary tool. Not the panacea for all our questions, not the final oracle on mankind’s nature, origin, evolution and destiny.

                                                   5. BLIAR


The economic imperialism of a single tiny island kingdom (England) is to day keeping the world in chains.

Gandhi 1928

This article was prompted by Mr. Blair’s attitude before the Enquiry Commission on Iraq, in January 2010:

Of course the world is better without Saddam, but that is not at all the issue.

These are some of the issues which were then obfuscated by the barrage of lies and which will be one day for the international court to consider:

  1. Do countries in the XXIth century still have the right to strike pre-emptive wars against others?


  1. Were the hundreds of thousands of human beings who were killed and severely maimed during or after the war worthwhile the toppling of Saddam? This not the mention the two or three million people that became refugees in the neighboring countries?


  1. It has been repeatedly proven that Saddam had no ties but rather aversion to Al Qaeda. Why try to connect him again with 9-11 if he had absolutely no ties to those attacks? Besides, several people consider them an inside job, mainly after the aging Rumsfeld on a recent off guard video interview mentioned “those who shot the Pennsylvania airplane.”


  1. There were absolutely no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. The former U.N. inspector Scott Rider very convincingly made the case, before hostilities begun, that Iraq had been militarily devastated by the Gulf War and crippled by the sanctions so that it was in no way capable of any threats. Thus, when the B-B axis decided to press the case against all evidence they knew they were against truth.


I have been insisting that the main culprit of the present situation in the world, be it financial, economical, social, political or spiritual is the Anglo-Saxon Worldview. Until its rule is not superseded by a more holistic view most of the world cannot escape a negative or destructive scenario.

You can then ask what that worldview has to do with Iraq and with the world.

Blair when asked about what he wanted to be as a youth said: “a football player or a rock star. Since I knew I could not be either of these I chose to be a politician”. Indeed he became a star player on the world stage.

The so called democratic system which allows these superficial, clever, manipulative, dynamic and image-oriented youths to become politicians does not prepare them from childhood to be statesmen, like Kennedy, Churchill or De Gaulle. The system that allows a Sarah Plain, who had had never left her small little town and had never thought of getting a passport before she became a candidate to be vice president of the world is a system or worldview  which as a whole cannot be good for the rest of the world.

There would be more to say about this worldview, its pious mantel of democracy and the way that the two-party system works, but the essential has been shown in this type of episodes.

Sooner or later Obama will have to choose which worldview to support: the world’s traditional view of the interrelatedness of everything or the Anglo-Saxon mechanicist view of separation and materialism.

America has a great role to play if it follows its Founding Fathers, who were both Christians and Masons. It can become a beacon to the world and the cradle of the Aquarian Age. Because its compassion, generosity, friendliness, egalitarianism and dynamic inventiveness are a great and necessary component of such a new golden Age.

                                            6.  NOSTRADAMUS


Nobody doubts that it was the Anglo-Saxon side that plunged the world in the present financial, economic and military debacle.

As the Chinese know all things under heaven obey to certain laws. One of them is that when a ruler has caused upheaval in the system it loses the mandate of heaven.

All people who follow political and economical world issues know that the Anglo-Saxon prevalence over the rest of the world is coming to an end. Only the admission of that evidence can be somewhat delayed. That procrastination is what is also happening with the issue of the existence of the extraterrestrials which the Vatican has wisely and discreetly already acknowledged.

All my life I have studied religions and empires. I have observed how they evolve and adapt. I particularly studied how they collapse when they do not possess the wisdom to steer things in a direction which is inevitable. As the Romans used to say:

Fata volentes ducunt, fata nolentes trahunt. “Those who heed to destiny they are lead by it, those who resist it are dragged by it”.

Everybody who knows, knows that there is no rational solution to the economic depression which has been starting all over the world. The system simply run amok and cannot be fixed in spite of the pious utterances about recovery by world leaders.

I never paid much attention to Nostradamus prophecies. I knew how garbled, hermetic and easily manipulated they are. Nevertheless, yesterday, reading a simple small book by Andrew Tomas (Beyond the time barrier) I came across the following quatrains written by Nostradamus in 1555:

Le grand empire sera par Angleterre

Le Pempotam des ans plus de trois cens.

(The great empire of England will be all powerful for more than three centuries).

As the author notes: at that time England was one of the less important countries in Europe. Later it defeated the Spanish Armada and its power lasted till the end of World War I, when America rose as the dominant power. This take-over was foretold by Nostradamus in another line where he refers to Le chef de Londres, par regne de Americh, (which means: The chief of London ruled by America).

Beside the surprising facts that a European in 1555 would talk at all about just discovered America and his accuracy about the three centuries, what I want to underline is the fact that this prophecy by someone I never paid attention to comes to my knowledge at the exact moment I am writing about the implosion of the Anglo-Saxon worldview.

Indeed even though I personally admire the Anglo-Saxons and their impressive achievements I feel that the stage is now ready for the replacement of their materialistic worldview by a divinely inspired novel way of being human.

A world society where everybody can lead a life, which although simple will be blessed with creativity and contentment.

                   7. BRITISH DECOLONIZATION and a new synthesis


Everybody knows… that divide and rule was the motto of the British Empire.

The naïve Portuguese who ruled the world for one century still feel somewhat guilty about their colonial wars and about their hasty decolonization of the first and last truly multicontinental empire.

Yet what neither the Portuguese nor other people know is that the British colonization and decolonization (which was also forced on them but with much more time to apply it) had terrible episodes and present day dire consequences.

I give a few examples, besides those of Aden and Sri Lanka:

1. Africa: the Mau-Mau concentration camps in Kenya and the atrocities there perpetrated in the 1950’s.

2. Middle East:

    The creation of an artificial map in 1919 which was a dagger in the        back of the British hero Lawrence of Arabia, namely by not creating Kurdistan as he had proposed. This, at a time in which it was easy to do it.

    Some of the results:

     The mess in Palestine and Israel.

     The invention of Kuwait and its consequent war.

3. Asia: the partition of India, its ensuing wars and the present tensions and hostilities.

Decolonization only worked in White inhabited and ruled cooler temperature colonies: Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

All over the world anachronisms exist as a remnant of British colonialism:

They, like the Elgin marbles, were carved out of poor impotent countries throughout the centuries and imposed on them and the rest of the world.

The Falklands, Gibraltar and Belize are just a few of many examples of unresolved situations which go against the grain of the region.

They are the fruit of a Machiavellian combination of lip service respect to the human rights of a tiny minority with the real politik of a world-power.

What do these specific issues have to do with a worldview?

If a race, namely the pink one considers itself superior to all others. If its citizens cannot speak other languages, if it considers its Protestant religion the only approach to God, if it considers other cultures as exotic and not scientific or hardworking enough to deserve to be studied, engaged and fused with, then that race naturally feels that it can destroy those other cultures.

This is a pity. Because those who could mostly help this new synthesis for which the world stage is ready, seem to be possessed by some fear which does not allow them to take the first step.

Yet the dice have already been thrown.

Those incapable of reading them will be like Emperor Belshazzar when he looked at Mene Mene Tekel U-Pharsin written with letters of light on the walls of his palace’s banquet hall.

For those who do not know this Biblical episode the translation or interpretation by Daniel is the following:

Your days have been counted

Your actions have been found wanting

Your Empire will be divided.



                            8. REGULATION AND THE W.A.S.P. WORLDVIEW

”Ultimately the goal is for the industry to police itself “

(FDA policy)

As I see it, America cannot play its prominent role in the emerging world reality unless we make inner changes that lead to a new collective paradigm……

Today those jewels of the pharmaceutical industry, Tylenol and other medicines like Rolaids and Saint Joseph’s aspirin have been recalled, after a few years of complaints by consumers, apparently for bad smell.

It would thus appear that the laxity of the FDA is changing at least in one glaring case, towards responsibility and making Pharma industry accountable. This comes one day after the British Government apologized and decided to give compensation to the birth defect victims of Thalidomide. This after almost 50 years of political denial.

These two are just some of the effects that I attribute to the widespread Anglo Saxon worldview.

You can then say: does this not happen in other countries?

Yes, it does, only that it is the result of an evolution of a process that started in England in the mid XIXth century: the alliance and interlocking of science with the economy.

What the Latins, the Slavs, the Blacks, the Arabs and the Orientals, not to mention the American Indians intuitively perceive as wrong is the worldwide spreading of a system which runs contrary to human nature and fulfillment.

What is the link between the pharmaceutical and the financial debacles?

To say that it is lack of regulation is just the beginning. Because  laws and their effective application are only an intermediary or regulatory factor between ideas, beliefs and paradigms and the people, products and organizations which are on the other side of the scale.

The reasons why a great part of the world is not happy with the Anglo-Saxon paradigm are several and I believe that Mr. Obama might have one day to decide whether he wants to continue condoning the traditional WASP (white-Anglo-Saxon -protestant) perspective or to follow his gut feelings and embrace the holistic worldwide perspective while it still exists. Because time might be running out for the present human experience on this planet and 2012 might be a moment of reckoning.

When Wyndham Lewis wrote his book, The art of being ruled, in 1926, even though he was an Englishman, he quoted Matthew Arnold who referred to those “barbarian oligarchs, the English aristocracy, with their fine fresh appearance and fondness for outdoor sports but who for thinking and reading have no great turn”.

Like in Mexico and Brazil, countries which are basically still controlled by the descendants of the original Spanish and Portuguese colonialists, the U.S. is not controlled by Latins, Blacks, Orientals, Poles or Italians. Those who rule are basically the collective descendants from the English immigrants. And what rules them is the Anglo Saxon worldview.

What are the main constituents of this worldview?

  1. Spirit is separate from matter.
  2. The material is more important than the invisible.
  3. Scientism and Economism should rule society.
  4. What you have (mainly your bank account, your house and your car) determine who you are.
  5. The other races are basically inferior to the pink one. They should therefore oblige to the WASPs.
  6. Free will, democracy and human rights, as conceived by the WASPs, are the cornerstones of civilized society.


If we further clarify these issues we will see many other aspects which are a consequence of those dogmas.

You can rightly ask again what Thalidomide has to do with democracy. I will then ask you what the world financial crisis has to do with deregulation, and say that deregulation is a consequence of oligarchy, the government by the rich.

The naïve and puritan idea that the invisible hand of God would always insure that the market was free and self correcting has now clearly had its day. But its consequences are still with us.

One consequence is the FDA’s idea that the pharmaceutical industry should police itself. Yet everybody knows, like the tobacco, the oil and cell phone industrialists very well do, that in the long run we are all dead. And that therefore, we can continue to pollute and destroy the environment and play with the masses’ health.

Americans are rightly suspicious of what was called Socialism and its excessive governmental interference in the economy.

Yet Socialism and Communism are two very different things. Also, with the end of ideologies, what is now called socialism in Europe has mainly become an empty word used by centrist political parties. This does not detract from the fact that the most advanced egalitarian societies in the world are the European Nordic countries which have pursued socialist related views for several decades.

We then come to a most vexed issue: what is free will, freedom, liberty?

To save us time it could be said that:

The free will which is used to create something that benefits the whole which we are, which does not go against or in separation of oneness is divine and evolutionary. The license to do whatever anybody wants to do is not synergistic. Ultimately it leads to chaos as we are witnessing.

It is interesting to quote W. Lewis again. Talking about every northern or white community, he says that by their superficial idea of freedom and by their insistence on the individual they have made it impossible for the white race to combine and consolidate itself, because each individual, when he got the chance, became a little universe to himself of exclusive personal life.


At this stage I am not interested in pursuing his views that the West could have unified the world if it had been an organizer and civilizer rather than a globetrotter and a buccaneer. Neither will I insist on his view, which he related to the Anglo Saxon elite, that good brains have been born in the West as in the East, but less used and exploited by the over-materialized western rulers.

What seems interesting to me is his view that the western democratic principle has always been too anarchic to be sensible. It sees things in pieces. It even sees life in pieces: its personality is unstable and easy to isolate.


The ideas of the French Illuminists of the early and mid XVIIIth century which influenced the American and French Revolutions posited the individual as the center of everything. This was understandable after millennia in which the individual had just been seen as an irrelevant part of his tribal, feudal or national group. It was then necessary to extricate the individual from religious dogma and royal tyranny. The problem was that all rights were recognized but no time was devoted to study the concomitant duties. That void was filled by nationalism, that emotional chimera which ruled for a century and a half and lost much sway in Western Europe after 1945.

As a conclusion I would say that the piecemeal approach which Lewis mentions applies to all fields, from democracy to science above all. Sometimes I feel that the blessed scientists are like a mechanic that forgot that the final purpose of disassembling the car was to put it together again. People will perhaps never understand that the more you investigate and find the more you realize that we do not really know very much and there will always be more to ask, to investigate and to find.

This is not to say there should be no science but to remind us that until a holistic approach is embodied by us we will remain at a loss.

As I feel it the energies now flowing through this planet are leading us to oneness. Let us foster and embrace them. Let us see the outer division and discord as our own, let us feel them as the projection of our inner cleavages. Let us finally see the spiritual work which we daily do on ourselves as the evident progress of the world.

What is Cultural Synthesis?

Cultural synthesis is the harvest of an evolutionary cycle.

Cultural synthesis is the distillation and preservation of the best that a certain civilization has produced.

Like the Hindu god Shiva, who destroys to recreate,

A scanner is now going through human culture to see what can be salvaged…

What essence is worthwhile to be preserved…

A reactor, an attractor, a synthesizer is operating deep within the archetypes of the human psyche,

Exerting a pull towards oneness…

For those who are ready for the harvest.

Culture is not in the libraries or the theaters;

Culture is the hearts and minds of everybody:

It is how and what you think and feel and how you act.

This is the inner individual culture.

The outer culture is then what a society or a group gives to the individual, as a mirror.

It is here that the pre-existing or exiting culture has failed.

Because what people need and are really looking for

Is for identity and meaning.

And neither the organized religions nor science have come up with valid answers for our times.

The prevailing cultural paradigm is the one of multiculturalism

It informs the approach of many forward looking movements, like the Institute of Noetic Sciences.

Yet it has led to a cul de sac, a dead end.

The precursors of multiculturalism started in France with Existentialism in the 1940’s and later with Structuralism in the 60’s.

One could even argue that its remote beginning was associated with Romanticism in 1800.

Then it was that the cult of ruins and the admiration of the fragment was born.

All these cultural movements led to the prevailing idea that

Everything is relative,

No truth is final,

Every culture has equal rights and worth

And, finally, to the hope that out of all the world’s cultures, a global culture will emerge by the fusion of all this variety of elements,

Ranging from the archaic and shamanistic to the ultra technological and virtual.

It is not really a question of high and low culture,

One reserved for the people who have time, money and taste

And the other thrown at the masses

Addicted to sports, soap and novels.


The new culture is equal for everybody, every social class.

Because it gives answers to what people are looking for

In terms of identity and meaning.

Only that- contrary to the naïve faith, hope and belief of the multiculturalists-

It is not coming from a fusion of pre-existing and disparate elements.

It has always existed in the human spirit

It is a center. It is holistic. It is integral.

There are a myriad of theories and religions, avenues of discovery and channeled materials.

We are overwhelmed by an excess of information and a theft of time to digest it.

Humanity has given up on finding something truly new.

Yet a new culture is available,

Which goes much beyond religion and science

And their respective dogmas.

This is a culture of vibration, resonance and correspondence.

Where all the past is gathered, recollected and




Into something new

Like the Phoenix being reborn of its ashes.

This culture of oneness goes beyond duality and dualism.

For indeed there are no good and evil, but different expressions of the same evolutionary urge.

Polar energies at the respective end of a continuum,

A spectrum of light and darkness.

A constant search for the mystery and the unknown.

One can tell the present writer that perhaps the reason I am disaffected with today’s culture is because I am growing old. I am indeed getting wiser.

But when I go to trance parties I dance faster than the 18 year olds.

So it is not that I do not understand present trends in youth culture and it is not a question of high and low culture.

I have lived through the high period of human creativity of the late sixties and early seventies.

It was a cultural revolution.

So threatening to the establishment that it had to be diverted and silenced.

I still accompanied what came later, but soon after, all color was gone starting with the late punk.

From then till now has been the reign of black and grey.

Artists, gallerists, cultural managers, even chefs and hairstylists, all adhered to the new uniform of cheap chic.

Fragmentation (and its correlated human isolation, depression and bipolarity) hit an all time high. Collage of cultures and mixed media became the natural way of expression.

Everything goes…

And the last vestiges of truth were relegated to the radical extremist fundamentalists of religion,

For even political ideologies had been discredited or died of natural death.

As an artist and a writer I can see culture from different viewpoints.

This is exponentially compounded by my being a nomad without a fixed abode

And by having been a career diplomat, specialized in big political, economical and cultural international organizations.


More than a cultural synthesis… what this is all about is really about oneness.

As the goal of human evolution.

To reach it, one has to start with unifying all the divergent parts, or bodies of ours,

The physical, the emotional and sentimental, the mental, the spiritual.

Then we are attuning to the integration and unification with our human environment: our blood or chosen family, our human endeavors movements and causes, our common working to save the planet…

Our oneness with mankind is inscribed and imprinted in our core

… If we only listen to the spirit in our inner hearts…

To finish:

We came from an origin, a source where we were one with all.

The real synthesis is the clipping of our experiences as nomads of the universe, wanderers of dimensions.

We are returning.

Because we feel the call.

Because we have gathered in our projections and creations, for we have seen through them…

Because the universe is contracting and returning to source…

It’s the great universal conjunction, the harmonic wave of synthesis.

The healing of the breach, the sealing of the great divide.

The end time for the addictive game of space-time.